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Crop Guides - Carrot

Section 1

Fertilizer Recommendations for Carrot

Lono – Yield

Lono is our flagship nitrogen fertilizer. Farmers use Lono to greatly improve their yield, establish better root growth and more uniform size distribution. Lono supplies Stabilized Amine Nitrogen to carrots which, unlike conventional fertilizers, focusses growth on the carrot vegetable rather than top leaf growth.

Albina Granule – Quality

Albina is our innovative calcium fertilizer which improves quality, shelf life and firmness of carrots, and also protects against disease and physiological disorders. Conventional calcium fertilizers give erratic results as the carrot is only able to absorb calcium when it is small. Albina supplies calcium in a new way which makes it is easily absorbed by the carrot all season long.

Damu – Bulking

Damu is our specialist boron fertilizer which improves and bulking and yield of carrots, while also safeguarding quality. Damu works by helping the carrot crop to use its energy to bulk up the vegetable rather than force late season leaf growth.

Section 2

How Our Recommended Fertilizers Work on Carrot

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