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Crop Guides - Avocado

Section 1

Fertilizer Recommendations for Avocado

Lono – Yield

Lono is Levity’s pioneering nitrogen fertilizer. Lono ensures that the nitrogen supplied is focussed on growing fruit rather than vegetation, it does this by supplying the nitrogen in ‘stabilized amine’ form which improves yield, photosynthesis, and root & fruit growth.

Albina - Shelf Life

Albina is a pioneering new calcium fertilizer that can reduce physiological disorders, improve flower set & fruit holding, and increase firmness and shelf life in avocado crops. Albina uses LoCal technology to help fruit absorb calcium, a nutrient that can improve quality but is poorly absorbed by developing fruits.

Indra - protect

Indra helps avocado crops cope with stress caused by heat, cold, salinity, drought and high UV light. By protecting the avocado crop against these we are able to keep high yields & quality through unfavourable conditions.

Damu - Bulk

Damu helps avocado plants use their energy to bulk up the fruit rather than force late season leaf growth. It works by directing the flow of photosynthates in leaves towards the avocado fruit and roots, resulting in larger fruit.

Section 2

How Our Recommended Fertilizers Work on Carrot

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