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Crops around the world typically perform at only a fraction of their potential. World food security hinges on closing the yield gap between potential and average yields while reducing inputs and pollution. 

improve crop production, reduce waste, increase yields

We have world-class scientists working directly with you, sharing the same passion for improving crop production. Using research we are able to help improve the way that food is grown, and its environmental impact. Our products are based on scientific studies, not mass produced because of ‘economies of scale’. We care about our research and the difference it makes.


For higher yield


For quality, shelf-life and health


Improves Stress Tolerance


Improved Colour & Brix


Active Boron for Fruit & Tuber Size


Elevated Photosynthesis for Higher Yields


For stronger & healthier crops

With plants at the core, Levity's products have been rigorously tested and scientifically proven.

Our technologies boost plant production without causing environmental harm by working in harmony with their natural systems.

Our Four Key Areas of Research in Crop Production

Yield & Nutrient Use Efficiency

By understanding how plants pick up and process fertiliser, Levity is creating products with much lower rates - which is better for farmers and for the environment.


In agricultural production, weather is the biggest factor. Levity scientists use knowledge of plant behavior to design products that help plants cope with stress - giving farmers new ways to achieve good crop yield and quality despite adverse growing conditions.

Improved Crop Quality & Reducing Physiological Disorders

Levity's products improve taste, shelf life, colour, and reduce physiological disorders for fruit and vegetable growers, so that more produce meets the highest quality standards. Farmers who use Levity products have better marketable yields and more production meeting the best grades.

Reduced Disease Pressure

Healthy plants need fewer pesticides. Crop nutrition plays a major role in crop health, and Levity's research contributes to the development of products that increase plant health, reducing disease.

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