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Crop Guides - Strawberry

Section 1

Fertilizer Recommendations for Strawberry

Lono – Yield

Lono focuses the strawberry plant on reproductive growth (fruit), rather than the vegetative growth stimulated by conventional Nitrogen fertilisers. Lono uses Levity’s LimiN chemistry to hold nitrogen in the amine form which improves photosynthesis, root and fruit growth, and increases yield.

Albina - Shelf Life

Albina is a pioneering new calcium fertilizer that can reduce physiological disorders, improve flower set & fruit holding, and increase firmness and shelf life in strawberry crops. Albina uses LoCal technology to help fruit absorb calcium, a nutrient that can improve quality but is poorly absorbed by developing fruits.

Indra - protect

Indra improves growth and quality of strawberry crops by helping them cope with stress caused by heat, cold, salinity, drought and high UV light. Stress causes strawberry crops to produce toxins (ROS) that damage cells and reduce quality.

Sulis – Earliness Colour & Brix

Sulis builds maturity (colour and brix). It works by supplying molybdenum and boron in a special formulation that helps the fruit maximise the function of the enzymes responsible for maturation, building better levels of colour and brix to allow earlier picking.

Section 2

How Our Recommended Fertilizers Work on Strawberry

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